Our Story

Wait, what’s that piece of metal on the ground?  Why it’s the inspiration for our next work of art.  As young kids, Debbie and Marc, we both individually learned the importance of finding value in all of the things around us, whether on a shelf at home or an object in the dirt by the side of the road.  This perspective on value has, at its surface, engrained in us the importance of concepts like recycle, reuse, and repurpose, but at its core, it has taught us to see the intrinsic value in items that have been discarded or are expendable.  With this in mind, we focus our creative energies on utilizing all manor of objects in our work, and in many cases, the reused items will drive the design of a given piece.

Master Repurposers, is the embodiment of these ideals.  In the Stained Glass compositions, you can often find a piece of a wine bottle, or a glass saucer.  Our Mixed Media pieces contain an endless selection of interesting items, from vintage buttons and antique game pieces to old saw blades and slate roofing tiles.  The Handmade Jewelry follows the same process, featuring sea shells, metal springs, computer parts, and more vintage buttons.  You will also find us creating fun and new Furniture pieces from various discarded elements.  We choose not to be bound by too narrow a description of our work, because if we find it interesting, we’ll try it.

After closing our Upstate New York studio, F.L.A.V.O.R. Studio, an acronym for Finger Lakes Art, Vintage, Old, and Repurposed, in December 2019 in preparation for the sale of our property, we had planned to take some time off to travel the US before reinventing ourselves in a new location.  When COVID really took a foothold in March, 2020, we were in Charleston, SC, with no home to return to, and nothing more than the clothes we had with us.  Not knowing what the near future would bring, (i.e. lockdowns, closures, etc.), we decided that we needed to find somewhere to live while we rode out the COVID storm.

We discovered Knoxville back in back in January 2018 and had considered it a frontrunner as a relocation spot.  With that in mind, we elected to drive there directly from Charleston to see if we still felt it would be a good fit for us, and here we are.  A month long search for the right house culminated in our new mid-century modern ranch home in Fountain City, an older suburb 15 minutes north of Knoxville.  Having spent most of the balance of 2020 renovating and updating the house, we are excited to be launching the new studio, Master Repurposers.

When we are not creating and repurposing, you can find us baking delicious granola recipes that are free from allergens and all the extra stuff your body doesn't need. Check us out at Eat My Granola!